Homes, like lives, are in the details.  

For some, it’s the effortless glide of a superior kitchen drawer. Others marvel at the intricate design of a crown moulding in the dining room. And for others still, it’s the subtle texture of an archway leading into the family room.

We build HomeCrafter homes with these details, these touches in mind. Because those are the things our clients tell us years later how much they appreciate them. Certainly, it’s craftsmanship. But our passion begins long before any nails are put into wood, before any concrete is poured, frames erected, tiles placed.

It’s a philosophy we have been working on for some years now. It’s a drive we bring to each home, each community we build. After all, a home is so much more than the materials we use to build it. It’s birthday parties. Backyard barbecues. Talking with neighbors about what grows best for them. A wine-tasting for colleagues.

It’s memories. Distinct and individual to you, just like a HomeCrafters home.

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